Issue #2

Welcome to our second issue! We have some excellent opportunities to kick things off with. Each and every week, expect three main items from us – broad opportunities (we’re constantly researching what kind of big opportunities are out there), great companies for sale, and premium domains available for your next project. There are so many amazing opportunities in this world – some have your name on them.

Broad Opportunities

Software for Seniors

The biggest wave of baby boomers will enter retirement this decade marking one of the highest shifts to senior populations in history. They’re also the first senior generation to have widespread internet use patterns. There have been a few apps and software companies aimed at aging eyes and frail fingers but it’s been largely quiet. Dictation integration, screen zoom features, health tracking, caregiver monitoring, social networking – the list is endless. In the next few years, we’re going to need some serious senior-safe startups.

Drones: Inventing Entirely New Market Segments

Did you know you can predict crop loss before it happens? 44.3% of the United States land is used for agriculture, and drones can help keep crops healthier, cleaner and more abundant. Here’s a good breakdown of services needed; roll your own company or there’s even a franchise if you want something more turn-key. It’s not all agricultural either – cities need 3D building models, power line/infrastructure mapping and aerial videography. This $10 billion dollar industry is primed to keep growing into uses we can’t even imagine right now,

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